With thousands of residential installations already completed, our team of in-house experts have the ability to design and install quality solar systems built to last.

We will simplify the process for you and walk you through from start to finish. Our systems are all installed by our own in-house Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Whether you have an existing solar system and looking for Energy Storage Solutions or needing advice on grid connect/hybrid solar systems, no question is too simple or complex for our team of experts.

Interest Free – $0 Deposit PAYS (Pay As You Save) option

Why pay upfront for a solar system when Solar Connected’s PAYS option allows you to have a quality system on your roof with NO Deposit!

The PAYS option is as simple as it sounds. Sit back, relax and let the solar system pay the interest free finance off from the savings generated whilst also putting money back in your pocket otherwise paid to the energy companies.

Why PAYS Option?

No Cash Outlay
Ability to adapt to battery technologies
Protects from ever increasing electricity prices
System will pay for itself plus in most cases putting money back in your pocket otherwise paid to power companies!
Increases your property value when you decide to sell
Wifi monitoring and fault alarm
Fast and pain free application process